Practice Areas

From navigating the early stages of novel drug development to seeking advantage in fiercely competitive generic markets, life-science firms and industry-affiliated clients throughout the world benefit from VOI’’s analyses and insights.

Drug Development

VOI Consulting works with large and small biopharmaceutical companies, as well as CROs, patient recruitment firms, and government research agencies to enhance and expedite international drug development.  more>>


VOI helps clients navigate the complexities of international drug regulatory systems to get products approved, maintain compliance, and maximize lifecycle value.  more>> 


Understanding markets, forecasting demand, managing the supply chain, navigating pricing and reimbursement, allocating promotional resources, communicating with decision makers, monitoring the competition, complying with international marketing regulations: these are just a handful of the activities that are required to successfully commercialize pharmaceuticals. VOI’s market research, analytics and strategic insights provide clarity on these issues, helping big pharma, specialty drug makers, generic manufacturers and investors understand and capitalize on opportunities throughout the world.  more>>

Litigation Support

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by tightly interdependent relationships between clinical, regulatory, and commercial factors. To position your client for success and to avoid mistakes that can sink a case, you need support from experts who know how all the pieces fit together.   more>>

Geospatial Intelligence

Our mapping services employ the power of big data to help sponsors improve clinical research success. Advanced modeling of epidemiological, demographic, and other relevant data identifies patterns in the location and density of trial-eligible populations, thereby dramatically increasing the efficiency of site selection and patient recruitment.  more>>

Investment Decision Support

VOI Consulting performs thorough due diligence and provides pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists, and private equity firms with sophisticated, probability-based valuation models to support investment decisions in the life-sciences.  more>>

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