Case Study: VOI Consulting's Data Analytics Reverse Brand Drug's Negative Marketing ROI

Case Study: Employing Data Analytics to Reverse Negative Marketing ROI for Brand Drug Company

The days when market segmentation exercises yielded a handful of large, uniform customer blocks are long gone. Like modern political campaigns, today’s pharmaceutical companies must be able to identify, understand, and effectively communicate with target audiences at the micro-level. At VOI Consulting, we help our clients adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing environment by combining state-of-the-art data analytics with decades of pharmaceutical industry experience to create tailored strategies that deliver results. This case study describes one engagement where VOI successfully employed these resources to resolve a marketing challenge that might otherwise have seriously and irreversibly eroded sales of our client’s brand drug.

As readers of the case study will learn, VOI was brought in to help a pharmaceutical company identify why a major marketing effort was failing to achieve desired results. After breaking down promotion-response activity to the individual-physician level, we found that prescribers of the leading competitive drug tended to respond positively to promotions but prescription volume and share actually exhibited net declines among current, loyal prescribers who were exposed to the same materials. Our analysis further revealed that this problem was ultimately caused by a failure to modify the campaign for different audiences. This case study describes the data analytics we performed to identify and understand these dynamics and how we were able to reverse a negative marketing ROI with a more customer-driven segmentation and targeting strategy.

Read the entire case study click here. Note that all confidential information has been removed or disguised in this case study.