Post patent Brand Defense Strategy, Injectable Oncology Market

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Project ThumbPost patent Brand Defense Strategy, Injectable Oncology Market
Leading specialty pharmaceutical company

For the first time in the company’s history, our client was facing a loss of US patent protection on one of their key brands. VOI was brought in to help assess options and develop a strategy that would maximize profits on the franchise in the pre- and post-patent environment. Among the multitude of strategies considered were: launch of an authorized generic, various pricing scenarios and potential lifecycle management options.

Strategy development required in-depth analysis of likely generic entrants and their capabilities, Medicare Part B and private payer reimbursement issues, influence of major customers including group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and the incentive structure of various parties in the decision-making chain. Using this research and analogous case histories, VOI developed a five year financial model incorporating top-line forecasts, the cost of executing each option and a timeline of important milestones.

In addition to evaluating external factors within the customer and competitive set, we worked with the client to determine whether, based on the client company’s overall direction and capabilities, the recommended strategies were best handled in-house or by an outside partner.


Our client moved forward with one of the recommended strategies and realized several hundred million dollars in revenue over the forecast period that would not have been realized in a typical post-patent environment.


Authorized generics, brand drug defense, citizen petition, generic entry, competitive intelligence, market analysis, forecasting, modeling, primary research.

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