Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Investment Identification and Valuation

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Project ThumbPharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Investment Identification and Valuation
Leading Private Equity Firm, Health Care Division

As part of their long-range growth plan, our client’s objective was to consolidate, either through partnerships or acquisitions, a number of small and mid-size contract manufacturers into a larger organization capable of generating meaningful economies of scale. Investment criteria required that targets have some degree of established manufacturing capacity and the ability to produce pharmaceutical ingredients that could meet the standards of advanced regulatory agencies

VOI conducted a thorough search to identify firms throughout the world that met the client’s investment criteria. Relying on both interviews and secondary research, we evaluated these companies on a number of criteria including manufacturing capabilities and capacities, customer bases, capital structures and financial conditions. We then developed fair market valuations on the most promising of these firms and worked with our client to conduct due diligence on the ultimate investment targets.


Our client used the results of our analysis to make three investments, including one acquisition (which was merged with a company in the client’s existing investment portfolio) and two equity purchases.


Contract manufacturing organizations, global pharmaceutical supply chain, primary research, valuation.

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