VOI Pharmaceutical Industry Consulting Services

Value of Insight Consulting (VOI) provides services that are global in reach, relevant for any therapeutic category, and span the entire range of the pharmaceutical lifecycle. Whether you are planning a clinical trial or need to assess the market for a generic drug, whether you operate in developed countries or are evaluating opportunities in emerging markets, VOI helps you execute more effectively. Following are just a few of the ways that VOI can add value to your business.




VOI has unparalleled access to primary and published information on the global life sciences industry. If you engage our services, you can be confident that the results rest on a solid foundation of factual, current, and detailed research.



Rigorous tools. Flexibly employed. That describes VOI’s approach to analysis of pharmaceutical industry challenges. Our expertise and methodologies allow us to evaluate issues ranging from pre-clinical science to reimbursement and post-patent strategies.

Forecasting & Market Modeling


"Better than Goldman Sachs" and "the best I've seen." That's how clients have described VOI's granular, flexible, and dynamic pharma market modeling techniques.

Competitive Intelligence


What is the competition going to do and when are they going to do it? VOI digs deep and puts the pieces together so you won’t be taken by surprise

Primary Research


KOLs, payers, or patients. San Francisco, Sao Paolo, or Shanghai. VOI finds the right people, talks to them and helps clients design offerings that meet their needs.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support


Deep industry knowledge combined with advanced research and analytical techniques positions your client for success in pharmaceutical industry litigation.



With world-class forecasting and modeling techniques, VOI assists drug makers, venture capitalists and private equity firms with mergers and acquisitions, licensing, and investment decisions.

GIS Mapping & Spatial Decision Support


VOI combines advanced epidemiologic analysis with GIS-mapping to optimize clinical trial site placement, patient recruitment efforts, and drug marketing.

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