Mature Drug Brands Revitalization Model

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Project ThumbMature Brands Revitalization Model
Mid-size Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

Our client’s business model relied on the acquisition of mature brands owned by major pharmaceutical companies. For a variety of reasons, these products were no longer being actively promoted by the major companies, and our client purchased them at a low cost with the intention of revitalizing them through renewed marketing efforts. Although our client had been successful in employing this model for the first several products acquired, they had experienced several disappointments with more recent additions to the portfolio. The goal was to develop a systematic approach to marketing that would maximize each product’s potential.

To achieve this objective, VOI conducted an in-depth examination of mature (5+ years after launch) pharmaceutical brands that had successfully reversed sales / share declines. This included extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of all significant factors affecting product performance, including changes in amounts and allocations of marketing funds, competitive actions, marketing strategy, labeling, pricing and managed-care relationships.

Common factors in successful revitalization were identified and translated into a systematic approach for application with other mature brands.


In addition to incorporating these principles into their marketing efforts, our client uses these guidelines in their acquisition process as they narrow down potential candidates to those that will be amenable to this approach.


Pharmaceutical marketing, brand-generic defense, pharmaceutical lifecycle management.

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