Generic Drug Major Market Entry Analysis

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Project ThumbMajor Market Entry Analysis for Generic Drug Portfolio
Top 20 U.S. Generic Manufacturer

VOI was hired by a generic drug company to explore options for their product portfolio in Western Europe and Japan. Our client had not yet ventured into ex-U.S. regions and needed to understand these markets at both a structural and product-specific level.

For the structural component of our analysis, we assessed regulatory frameworks, approval procedures, generic pricing and reimbursement policies, penetration rates for branded and unbranded generics and customer characteristics. For the product-specific component, we looked at sales, volume and pricing trends at both the category (ATC-3 / 4) and compound levels, competitive presence, intellectual property status of original drugs and brand versus generic share figures.

Based on this analysis, VOI recommended a mix of products to launch in each country so as to maximize the commercial potential of our client’s portfolio.


The client filed generic applications based on our recommended mix of products and countries.


Generic drug marketing, European generic drugs, Japanese generic drugs, market assessment, forecasting.

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