GIS Mapping & Spatial Decision Support for the Life Science industry


Pharmaceutical executives are used to thinking at the national or even supra-national levels: how will health reform affect U.S. drug sales? What does the future look like for emerging markets? Given the importance of macro factors such as government regulations and economic conditions, this is undoubtedly the appropriate frame of reference for many decisions.

In many other cases, however, success or failure depends on a very large number of discrete tactics and events that take place on a very small scale. For example:

  • How many potential clinical trial subjects live within driving distance of a trial site and how do we position our sites to maximize enrollment?
  • What is the catchment area for a local hospital and how does it overlap with neighboring facilities?
  • Which cities, or even parts of a city, contain the highest concentrations of potential patients for our new drug and which medical practices serve these high value locations?
  • How do we allocate sales force call targets to maximize coverage?
  • Where should we place our distribution centers to ensure efficiency?

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