Competitive War Games – Scenario Planning

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Competitive War GamesCompetitive War Games – Scenario Planning
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Our client was approximately one year away from launching a product in the oncology field. The category had two existing competitors and two other pipeline agents with near-term approval prospects. In designing their launch program, our client needed to understand how their product would fit in the market and how their competitors would respond to various actions.

VOI studied the competitive companies, their management backgrounds, past successes and failures and their market actions in oncology and in other categories. We closely examined financial resources, marketing programs and product/pipeline portfolios for both the companies and their licensing partners. We relied on a wide variety of sources for this information. Through diligent research of publicly available information, we were able to accurately piece together the terms of one competitor’s licensing agreement, a move that provided a great deal of insight into this competitor’s intentions.

Using the results of this in-depth research, we developed SWOT analyses and determined the importance of the relevant products to the various competitors and their partners. We then elaborated a number of competitive-action scenarios, evaluated their likelihood of occurrence and developed specified “early warning signs” to monitor so that our client would be alert to developments and able to respond appropriately.


In a series of “war game” meetings which included a cross-functional group of senior client executives, we presented the results of our competitive intelligence and laid out the scenarios. This team then developed several marketing and regulatory tactics to employ based on competitive response; these tactics were later communicated to other groups within the company. When the product was approved, our client was prepared with a fully stocked armamentarium of tactical options that resulted in a highly successful launch.


Competitive intelligence, pharmaceutical marketing, market planning, pharmaceutical new product launches.

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