Brand Drug Market Defense Strategy

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Project ThumbBrand Drug Defense Strategy
Small Brand Drug Company

Our client’s product was nearing its loss-of-exclusivity (LOE) date but faced a high level of uncertainty regarding the timing of generic entry. VOI’s competitive intelligence work determined that no generics would enter the market until at least six months after LOE; probability of entry rose considerably over the following 12 months but leveled off thereafter. Through analysis of multiple options, it was decided that the best strategic response was to prepare an authorized generic for launch but keep it on standby until launch of a third-party generic was imminent.

Initial quantitative analysis suggested that preparing and, if necessary, marketing the authorized generic on an internal basis was the most cost-effective approach. Through primary research, however, it was determined that decisions to carry the authorized or third-party generic would be made quickly by a small number of wholesalers and, once made, would essentially be irrevocable. When the binary nature of these decisions were incorporated into our quantitative models, the high risk of missing a narrow window of opportunity for distribution became clear and alternatives were developed.


Our client contracted with a specialized, outside firm to market the authorized generic and is in a position to respond quickly in the event that a third-party competitor launches.


Authorized generics, brand drug defense, generic entry, competitive intelligence, market analysis, forecasting, modeling, primary research.

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