Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Strategic Development Plan

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Project ThumbnailAsia-Pacific Clinical Trials Strategic Development Plan
Major CRO / National Clinical Research Coordinating Agency

In conjunction with a leading clinical research organization, VOI Consulting developed a program to improve a country’s competitiveness in global clinical trials relative to other locations in the Asia-Pacific region. This included a thorough capabilities analysis of our client and nine competitive countries. Among the factors considered were biomedical and pharmaceutical infrastructures, efficiency of trial approval procedures at the regulatory, institutional and ethical review levels, relative clinical research experience levels in various therapeutic categories, degree and type of government support, patient enrollment attitudes, and variations in medical practices.

Findings from the capabilities research phase were matched to an analysis of the needs of multinational clinical trial sponsors to develop a SWOT for the client country’s clinical research development efforts. At completion of the project, we provided the client with over 30 actionable strategies and tactics for improving the country’s competitiveness in terms of improved clinical trial infrastructure, increased efficiency, attractiveness of the regulatory system and international marketing/public relations efforts.


Our client shared the analysis and strategic recommendations with their funding partners in key government agencies. The results of this project served as the strategic plan for the country’s clinical trial infrastructure development initiatives.


Clinical trials, regulatory agencies, Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical market, clinical research infrastructure.

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