Mapping & Geospatial Analysis

Our mapping and geospatial services employ the power of big data to help sponsors improve the efficiency and success rates of clinical research and marketing efforts.

Geospatial Intelligence

In most contexts, it would be unthinkable for a business to locate an outlet or commit resources without first understanding where their potential customers are located,. Yet this is standard practice for biopharmaceutical companies engaged in clinical research. By combining the power of population data with epidemiological models and trial-site capabilities, VOI Consulting’s mapping services provide sponsors with a proven tool that applies a new level of rigorous, objective analysis to the planning and execution of clinical trials around the world.

Our approach has demonstrated the ability to identify concentrations of trial-eligible patients and capitalize on this information with more efficient, more productive, and less intensely competitive clinical research efforts.

Similar analyses have been performed for sales-force allocation and other commercialization efforts.

Geospatial Intelligence - Mapping Capabilities Presentation
Clinical Trial Mapping: Analytical services to improve site selection and patient recruitment

With rising competition for patients and other resources, proper clinical trial site selection is a vitally important determinant in the success or failure of a drug development program.




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