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Market Entry via ANDA Acquisition

Since the early 2000s, Indian drug companies have leveraged their lowcost structures and large-scale manufacturing capacities to dramatically change the North American and European generic drug sectors.

US Pharmaceutical Utilization Plateau

The 1990s are understandably thought of as a golden age in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry: the average number of new molecular entities approved each year was one-third higher than in the 2000s the majority of these drugs were in mass-market, primary care
segments that resulted in blockbuster sales; and marketing regulations, were substantially relaxed.

Geospatial Intelligence - Mapping Capabilities Presentation
Clinical Trial Mapping: Analytical services to improve site selection and patient recruitment

With rising competition for patients and other resources, proper clinical trial site selection is a vitally important determinant in the success or failure of a drug development program.



Optimal Prices for Hospital Capital Equipment

Finding Optimal Prices for hospital capital equipment across multiple countries and market segments. Determining the appropriate price may be the most difficult task in marketing. There are good ways and bad ways to address pricing:

Data Analysis Reverses Negative Marketing ROI

The days when market segmentation exercises yielded a handful of large, homogenous customer blocks are long gone. Like modern political campaigns, today’s pharmaceutical companies must be able to identify, understand, and effectively communicate with target audiences at the micro-level.


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