Pivotal Trial Location: Cancer Trials 2005 - 2011

This is the eight in a series of blog posts VOI Consulting will publish based on high-level examination of the company’s new insiteinvestigator™ database. It addresses pivotal trial locations for cancer drugs gaining approval during the 2005 to 2011 period.

Pivotal Trial Location

A great deal of attention has been devoted to the globalization of clinical trials in recent years, particularly as this relates to placement in developing countries. In that context, the information in Figure 1 is interesting as it shows that, at least among the pivotal trials supporting cancer drug approval in our time period, three quarters of all sites were in North America or Western Europe while China and India, locations that are at the heart of the debate over globalization, had only two percent of all sites combined. Considering that trials in emerging countries are generally able to recruit patients more rapidly than is the case in more traditional locations, an argument can be made that there is too little rather than too much clinical research taking place in emerging countries. This is especially relevant given what we have seen about accrual rates.

Figure 1 - Site Locations for Cancer Pivotal Drug Trial 2005-2011

 insiteinvestigator™ is VOI’s proprietary database containing detailed information on design, endpoints, populations, size, placement, timelines, efficacy outcomes, and safety results for every pivotal trial supporting a cancer drug approved by the U.S. FDA from 2005 through 2011.

Donald Clark
Donald Clark


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