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As we all know, executives from both Turing Pharmaceuticals and Valeant Pharmaceuticals have been brought before Congressional panels to address questions arising from the furor over their respective pricing tactics. Last week, the Senate Special Committee on Aging released an 818-page PDF file containing testimony associated with Valeant’s appearance on April 27.

Although it seems like the basic facts are pretty clear at this point, industry critics and supporters will probably find material to reinforce their arguments among the documents. On a separate note, they provide opportunity to review information that is very rarely made public. Pharmaceutical pricing in the US is frequently opaque and almost always very complicated. Due to confidentiality agreements, even people who are actively involved in pricing decisions rarely get to see the details of what other firms are doing. Leaving aside the top-line controversy over price increases, these documents allow for an unexpected “peak under the hood” at the mechanics of another company’s process.

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