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Since 1998

Deep Experience + Proven Methodologies + Rigorous Analysis = Successful Client Outcomes

Working at the intersection of drug development, regulation, and commercialization for over 20 years, Value of Insight Consulting combines empirical research and advanced analytics to help pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and affiliated companies bring therapies to market, allocate resources, and capitalize on opportunities.

Our services are global in reach, relevant for any therapeutic category, and span the entire range of the pharmaceutical lifecycle. Whether you are planning a clinical trial or need to assess the market for a generic drug, whether you operate in developed countries or are evaluating opportunities in emerging markets, VOI helps you execute more effectively.

Our Expertise


VOI has unparalleled access to clinical and commercial information along with the expertise to turn that information into empirically grounded client solutions.


Rigorous tools. Flexibly employed. That describes VOI’s approach to analysis of pharmaceutical industry challenges. Our methodologies allow us to address challenges throughout the lifecycle, from early stage clinical trials to post-patent environments..

Market Modeling & Forecasting

With a grounding in the extensive body of pharmaceutical econometric research, VOI combines customized quantitative analysis with accurate modeling of key drivers and interactions to develop sound, supportable, and dynamic forecasting models. Our services have been used extensively: prospectively for industry clients and retrospectively for but-for damages in litigation.

Primary Research

KOLs, payers, or patients. San Francisco, Sao Paolo, or Shanghai. VOI finds the right people, talks to them and helps clients design offerings that meet their needs.


Using advanced stochastic modeling techniques, VOI assists drug makers, venture capitalists and private equity firms in making M&A, licensing, product development, and other investment decisions.

Geospatial Decision Support

VOI combines advanced epidemiologic analysis with GIS-mapping to optimize clinical trial site placement, patient recruitment efforts, and pharmaceutical marketing.

why our clients choose

Value of Insight Consulting


Since 1998 VOI Consulting has provide actionable insights and solutions for life science and allied industry clients.

Solely Focused on Life Sciences

Exclusive life-sciences focus allows VOI to leverage past experience for new challenges.

Breadth of Industry Expertise

Our services are global in reach, relevant to any therapeutic category and span the entire range of the pharmaceutical lifecycle.

Proven Methodologies

Through innovative research techniques and advanced analytical tools, our services help clients maximize opportunities.


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