Drug Development

VOI works with large and small biopharmaceutical companies, as well as CROs, patient recruitment firms, and government research agencies to enhance and expedite international drug development.

Drug Regulatory

VOI knows how to navigate the complexities of international drug regulatory systems. We can help get your product approved, defend your intellectual property rights, obtain formulary listing, and keep you on the right side of the rules.

Marketing and Commercialization

Valuation, forecasting, segmentation, positioning, pricing, reimbursement, competitive intelligence: there’s a lot that goes into successfully commercializing pharmaceuticals. VOI's market research, analytics and strategic insights help big pharma, specialty drug makers, generic manufacturers and investors understand and capitalize on opportunities throughout the world.

VOI Life Science Industry Publications

We can’t make the global pharmaceutical industry easy, but we can make it easier. VOI’s industry-leading publications, pharmahandbook® and generichandbook™, provide actionable information and analysis to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategic consulting and industry-leading publications.
Research driven

Whether it's our widely-used publications, pharmahandbook® and generichandbook™, or our tailored advisory services, VOI gives you the insight to make the right decisions in the global pharmaceutical industry.

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